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AutoHotkey_L: Arrays, Debugger, x64, COM, #If expression ...
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What is it?

AutoHotkey_L is a custom build of AutoHotkey maintained by Lexikos. Features include:

  • Objects (extensible associative arrays).
  • Interactive debugging features, when used with a compatible debugging client.
  • Significant functionality developed by other community members:
    • Native 64-bit support by fincs.
    • Native COM support by Sean.
    • Native Unicode support by jackieku.
    • Support for various text encodings.
    • New DllCall arg types for portability.
    • Object-oriented file I/O.
  • #if expression - Similar to #IfWinActive, but for arbitrary expressions.
  • Built-in support for menu icons and improvements to icon support.

Discuss AutoHotkey_L at the AutoHotkey Community Forums.


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