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2016.12.06 15:42

PuTTY Download Page(telnet,ftp,ssh)

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PuTTY Download Page

필요하다 필요해

Download Binaries

putty.exe-x puttytel.exe-x psftp.exe-x


다운로드 후 뒤에 -x 는 지워주세요.


The latest release version (beta 0.67)

This will generally be a version we think is reasonably likely to work well. If you have a problem with the release version, it might be worth trying out the latest development snapshot (below) to see if we've already fixed the bug, before reporting it.

For Windows on Intel x86

PuTTY: putty.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

PuTTYtel: puttytel.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

PSCP: pscp.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

PSFTP: psftp.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

Plink: plink.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

Pageant: pageant.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

PuTTYgen: puttygen.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

A .ZIP file containing all the binaries (except PuTTYtel), and also the help files

Zip file: (or by FTP) (signature)

A Windows MSI installer package for everything except PuTTYtel

Installer: putty-0.67-installer.msi (or by FTP) (signature)

Legacy Inno Setup installer. Reportedly insecure! Use with caution, if the MSI fails.

Legacy installer: putty-0.67-installer.exe (or by FTP) (signature)

Checksums for all the above files

MD5: md5sums (or by FTP) (signature)

SHA-1: sha1sums (or by FTP) (signature)

SHA-256: sha256sums (or by FTP) (signature)

SHA-512: sha512sums (or by FTP) (signature)


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