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2017.05.19 13:02

알리익스프레스 전자부품 추가구입 리스트

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알리익스프레스 전자부품 추가구입 리스트

10pcs/lot 20W 5ohm cement resistor

5mm Infrared Receiver Diode IR LED

5mm Infrared Receiver Diode IR LED.jpg



LMC555CN LMC555 DIP8.jpg


BD139 TO-126 NPN power transistors

BD139 TO-126 NPN power transistors.jpg


Nano V3 ATmega168, CH340, mini USB, Compatible for Arduino Nano V3.0

Nano V3 ATmega168, CH340.jpg


atmega328P Nano 3.0 Controller Board Compatible with Arduino Nano CH340 USB Driver

atmega328P Nano 3.0.jpg



CP2104 CP2102 Serial Converter USB 2.0 To TTL UART 6PIN Module compatible with same driver CP2102

10PCS Aluminum Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 25V 10000UF 18*35


New Arrival!!!20PCS Black Mini Size SPDT Slide Switches On-Off PCB 5V 0.3A DIY Material New Hot Sale


Brand New 2Pcs Plastic Handle Alligator Clip For 4mm Banana Plug Power Supply Test Probes Excellent Quality


Brand New 50X DC12V TC-1212T Tact Tactile Push Button Switch Momentary SMD PCB Switchs 12x12x7.3mm


12mm red laser module 650nm DC 3-5V 200mW red laser diode DIY laser head w/reverse power anti-static protection free shipping


1pc AC220V 50Hz/60Hz DC12V Electronic Transformer Service Life of More than Two Years for 12V 50W Quartz Beads and So On


8pcs 0.5-3mm Small Electric Drill Bit Collet Micro Twist Drill Chuck Set with Allen wrench


10PCS TIP142T TO-220 TIP142


10PCS IRF3205 Power MOSFET TRANSISTOR TO-220 is made in china


10PCS 5W 5W 1R 1ohm Cement Resistor


1W Zener diode, 3.3V-30V 14valuesX10pcs=140pcs,Electronic Components Package,Zener diode Assorted Kit


100pcs 2N2222 NPN 40V 0.8A Transistor TO-92


10PCS SMD DB107 DB107S 1A 1000V Single Phases Diode Rectifier Bridge

10PCS New and original high quality Super Capacitor 2.7V100F 2.7V 100F 2.7v 100f 22*45mm Farad Capacitor Free Shipping



Phase Control Thyristors Stud Version KP200A






포장 상세
유닛 종류:
패키지 무게:
0.15kg (0.331lb.)
패키지 크기:
1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)


실리콘 제어 정류기 kp200a

samwha farad capacitor EDLC 2.7v 500f 2.7v500f 35*60MM super capacitor




DC 12V 1000L / H 전기 / 태양 브러시리스 모터 워터 펌프 수족관 분수

DC 12V 1000L/H Electric/Solar Brushless Motor Water Pump Aquarium Fountain


Solar/ DC Water Pump
Input: DC 6V-12V
Hmax: 100-600cm
Qmax: 450-1000L/H
Caution: This pump is intended for use with water only. Brown is "+", Blue is "-"
Diameter of Outlet: 20.3mm
Diameter of Inlet: 20.3mm
Dimensions: Approx. 8.5x8.5x4.5cm/ 3.35x3.35x1.77"
Cable Length: Approx. 100cm/ 39.37"

Color: Black
Package Included:
1x DC 12V Electric/ Solar Brushless Water Pump

Switch 220V IR Infrared Module Body Sensor Intelligent Light Lamp Motion Sensing Switch Adjustable Movement Sensing PIR Switch






BIG LCD 15.98 inch Digital 220V AC 7 Days Programmable Timer Switch with UL listed Relay inside and Countdown Time Function












The TM618 timer MODULE can open or close kinds of electrical apparatus and power automatically, according to the preset time, the items can be streetlight, neon light (sign), billboard, electrical appliances, broadcast equipments etc., the digital timer switch is within rechargeable battery, in 1.2V/40Ma, high-accuracy CMOS chip, strongly anti-jamming, easy to use.  


Why choose SinoTimer TM618? 

1. 15.98 inch big LCD display,easy to read.

2. Excellent load capacity, 16amp@250vac.

3. Easy program, everyone can program it after he reads the manual JUST one time.

4. Stable performance because of professional manufacturing in power saver since 2002.

5. Confirm to CE standard, and with LVD, EMC,RoHS certificate passed



* You can use the timer to SWITCH ON/OFF any electrical equipments at a preset timer

* 8(16) ON/OFF programs per day, 15 combinations to a week.

* 24 hours / 7 days a week programmable.

* Built-in battery for backup the memory (save the programs you set)when power failure

* Auto time error correction +/- 30 sec, weekly

* Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manually,

* Easy to read LCD display, LED indicators


Voltage Choice:

6Vdc, 12Vdc,24Vdc,36Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vac,230Vac


Techanical Data:



Temp.range: -20°C+50°C

Ui:220V AC

Power consumption 4.5 VA (MAX)

Display: LCD

Switching contact: 1 changeover switch

Programs:16 on/off each day or week

Hysteresis 2 sec/day (25°C)

Mini interval: 1min

Capacity: 16(8) 250V AC

Black-out: 60 days

Timer range: 1min~168hr

Recharge battery: 1.2V 40Ma

Average error: 1s/24h, 25°C

Weight: 0.1 kg 






DC DC Auto Step Up Step Down Boost Buck Voltage Converter Module LM2577 3-35V To 1.25-30V Solar Voltage Power Supply For Arduino



Auto step down step up(SEPIC)
Input: 3-35V
Output: 1.25V-30V
Biggest current 2A
Conversion efficiency 92%
Frequency 50KHz
Output ripple 40mV
Temperature: -40° to +85°
low ESR Sanyo filter capacitance, plus another LC filter unit
Low voltage ripple to 40 mV, suitable for all kinds of use. good for solar.


Size :about48*23*14(mm)
Net weight:14g 
Package weight:24g 
Color:Blue(as the picture shows)


Package Included:
1PCS * Auto Boost Buck Step Up Step Down Converter Module LM2577 Solar Voltage Power Supply 3-35V DC-DC for Arduino











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