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2014.01.09 13:40

초간단 FM 라디오

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   관련 게시물 :


   라디오 원리 

   AM/FM 라디오 구조

   광석 라디오 회로

   크리스탈 라디오 회로




초간단 FM 라디오



참고 :


L -  4 turns #18 copper or silver wire, 12mm inside diameter, tapped at 2.5 turns
Ant - 7 inches of #18 bare copper wire
C1 - 18 pf ceramic capacitor
C2 - 50 pf air variable capacitor
D - 1N34 diode or rock crystal
R - 150K resistor


All passive components


FM_crystal_circuit_(초간단 FM라디오)#1.jpg


(초간단 FM라디오)#2.jpg






고전적인 단일 트랜지스터 발진기 



  • For L1 make 6 turns of 16AWG enamelled copper wire on a 9mm plastic former.
  • The circuit can be powered using a 9V PP3 battery.
  • For extended range, use an antenna.
  • A 30cm long wire connected anywhere on the coil will do for the antenna.
  • For better performance, assemble the circuit on a good PCB.




single transistor FM radio circuit.png

 How to Make the Inductors

The involved coils or the inductors are very simply to wind.
L1 which is the oscillator coil is an air cored inductor, meaning no core is required, wire is super enamelled type, 0.8mm in thickness, diameter of 8mm, with five turns.

L2 is wound over R6 itself using 0.2mm super enameled copper wire with 20 turns.




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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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