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by 디케 posted Feb 21, 2011


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ahk_l COM  사용

com_CreateObject 는 새롭게 만드는 것이고,

그후에 com_invoke로 세부 명령을 주는 방식으로 사용되는데...

현재 띄워져 있는 익스플로러의 InternetExplorer.Application 을 invoke 해서 
document의 body를 만진다... 라고 할때


;네이버가 타이틀에 포함된 익스플로러 창이 존재하면, google 창으로 이동시킵니다. 

Loop, % COM_Invoke(psw := COM_Invoke(psh:=COM_CreateObject("Shell.Application"), "Windows"), "Count") 

LocationName:=COM_Invoke(pwb:=COM_Invoke(psw, "Item", A_Index-1), "LocationName") 

COM_Invoke(pwb, "Navigate", url) 

COM_Release(pwb) ;didnt break so release the one we didnt use 


#include, com.ahk 
psw:=COM_Invoke(psh, "Windows") 
LCt:=COM_Invoke(psw, "Count")                                        ;Shell.Windows.Count (LoopCount) 
  Loop, % lct 
  pwb:=COM_Invoke(psw, "Item", A_Index-1)                    ;Shell.Windows.Item 
;pwb:=Shell.Windows.Item 의 값이 0이면(Shell.Windows.Item가 아니면) Continue(LocationName 에서 에러발생) 
      if pwb=0 
  LocationName:=COM_Invoke(pwb, "LocationName")          ;창이름을 갖는 변수 (InternetExplorer Object) 
      COM_Invoke(pwb, "Navigate", url) 

약간의 주석과 초보자가 보기쉽게 수정해봤어요.. 주석이 맞으려나 모르겠네요; 
;pwb:=Shell.Windows.Item 의 값이 0이면(Shell.Windows.Item가 아니면) Continue(LocationName 에서 에러발생) 
      if pwb=0 
이부분은 써놓고도 뭔지 모르겠어요;

    Basic understanding of COM Pointer 
    Understanding of COM_CreateObject MSDN 
      MSDN does a fine job explaining this i wont re hash it just remember creates a parent object for use with our invoke calls

    Understanding of COM_AtlAxGetControl MSDN 
    Understanding of COM_AtlAxCreateContainer MSDN 
      we will be using COM_AtlAxCreateContainer and COM_AtlAxGetControl in our examples just remember this is a way of getting a control pointer from a window control that we are in our case creating

    Understanding of COM_Invoke MSDN 
      Sean gives us a Basic Example. Basically this is an execution function. if you need to get or set a value execute a method of move from a parent object to a member object you can do so from COM_Invoke

    Understanding of COM_Release MSDN 
      In the interest of trying to dumb this down here goes. 
      everytime you create a pointer to an object or interface you should release it for each time you create it you do not release strings just object and interface pointers. Its a way of freeing memory and its good for your program but well if you dont do it the worst that can happen on most beginner scripts is some semi slow performance

    Understanding of COM_QueryService MSDN 
      In our examples we will use this function to get one object pointer from another using CLSID. there are instances when getting pwin can bypass some security zone settings which can cause scripts to fail at times

    Understanding of COM_QueryInterface MSDN 
      Returns a pointer to a specified interface on an object to which a client currently holds an interface pointer.

    Understanding of COM_ConnectObject MSDN 
      Just remember this is how we can setup ahk access to events. Gonna be a much later before I cover events but be patient

It is also imperitive that we have an understanding of the following 

    Basic Understanding of IE architecture MSDN 
    Basic understanding of the webrowser object for Gui MSDN [url=]MSDN[/url]

For our automation tasks we will be aquireing and interface pointer to iWebrowser2 through out my examples you will see this reflected as pwb 
    First I want to remind all please have COM in the standard libraries such as c:\program files\autohotkey\lib 

    Always initialize COM once per script 
    If you will not be using a GUI object