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by 디케 posted Mar 17, 2012


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autohotkey) 스크린세이버 활성화 / 비활성화 시키기.



SendMessage, 0x112, 0xF140, 0,, Program Manager ; activates the screen saver


This deactivates a screensaver:

PostMessage, 0x0112, 0x0F060, 0,, A
; 0x0112 is WM_SYSCOMMAND, 0x0F060 is SC_CLOSE




Just in case anyone else wants to do what I wanted to do, I'm posting it here. When my screensaver activates, I have it set to lock my workstation so that no one can access my machine if I walk away from it. The script as provided above seems to be triggering the screensaver demo rather than the actual screensaver, and ignores my setting to lock the workstation.

The fix took me a minute or two to come up with, but is actually blindingly simple. Here it is:

Code (Copy):
;--- Ctrl+Alt+S: screensaver launcher
   Send #l
   PostMessage 0x0112, 0xF140, 0,, Program Manager ; 0x0112 is WM_SYSCOMMAND -- 0xF140 is SC_SCREENSAVE