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2009.12.23 11:18

SendMessage the values are for wparam

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the values are for wparam

WM_COMMAND Messages (hex code 0x111) 

(the values are for wparam) 

Previous track button 40044 
Next track button 40048 
Play button 40045 
Pause/Unpause button 40046 
Stop button 40047 
Fadeout and stop 40147 
Stop after current track 40157 
Fast-forward 5 seconds 40148 
Fast-rewind 5 seconds 40144 
Start of playlist 40154 
Go to end of playlist 40158 
Open file dialog 40029 
Open URL dialog 40155 
Open file info box 40188 
Set time display mode to elapsed 40037 
Set time display mode to remaining 40038 
Toggle preferences screen 40012 
Open visualization options 40190 
Open visualization plug-in options 40191 
Execute current visualization plug-in 40192 
Toggle about box 40041 
Toggle title Autoscrolling 40189 
Toggle always on top 40019 
Toggle Windowshade 40064 
Toggle Playlist Windowshade 40266 
Toggle doublesize mode 40165 
Toggle EQ 40036 
Toggle playlist editor 40040 
Toggle main window visible 40258 
Toggle minibrowser 40298 
Toggle easymove 40186 
Raise volume by 1% 40058 
Lower volume by 1% 40059 
Toggle repeat 40022 
Toggle shuffle 40023 
Open jump to time dialog 40193 
Open jump to file dialog 40194 
Open skin selector 40219 
Configure current visualization plug-in 40221 
Reload the current skin 40291 
Close Winamp 40001 
Moves back 10 tracks in playlist 40197 
Show the edit bookmarks 40320 
Adds current track as a bookmark 40321 
Play audio CD 40323 
Load a preset from EQ 40253 
Save a preset to EQF 40254 
Opens load presets dialog 40172 
Opens auto-load presets dialog 40173 
Load default preset 40174 
Opens save preset dialog 40175 
Opens auto-load save preset 40176 
Opens delete preset dialog 40178 
Opens delete an auto load preset dialog 40180 

WM_USER Messages (hex code 0x400) 

(the values are for lparam) 

0 Retrieves the version of Winamp running. Version will be 0x20yx for 2.yx. This is a good way to determine if you did in fact find the right window, etc. 
100 Starts playback. A lot like hitting 'play' in Winamp, but not exactly the same 
101 Clears Winamp's internal playlist. 
102 Begins play of selected track. 
103 Makes Winamp change to the directory C:\\download 
104 Returns the status of playback. If 'ret' is 1, Winamp is playing. If 'ret' is 3, Winamp is paused. Otherwise, playback is stopped. 
105 If data is 0, returns the position in milliseconds of playback. If data is 1, returns current track length in seconds. Returns -1 if not playing or if an error occurs. 
106 Seeks within the current track. The offset is specified in 'data', in milliseconds. 
120 Writes out the current playlist to Winampdir\winamp.m3u, and returns the current position in the playlist. 
121 Sets the playlist position to the position specified in tracks in 'data'. 
122 Sets the volume to 'data', which can be between 0 (silent) and 255 (maximum). 
123 Sets the panning to 'data', which can be between 0 (all left) and 255 (all right). 
124 Returns length of the current playlist, in tracks. 
125 Returns the position in the current playlist, in tracks (requires Winamp 2.05+). 
126 Retrieves info about the current playing track. Returns samplerate (i.e. 44100) if 'data' is set to 0, bitrate if 'data' is set to 1, and number of channels if 'data' is set to 2. (requires Winamp 2.05+) 
127 Retrieves one element of equalizer data, based on what 'data' is set to. 
0-9 The 10 bands of EQ data. Will return 0-63 (+20db - -20db) 
10 The preamp value. Will return 0-63 (+20db - -20db) 
11 Enabled. Will return zero if disabled, nonzero if enabled. 

128 Autoload. Will return zero if disabled, nonzero if enabled. To set an element of equalizer data, simply query which item you wish to set using the message above (127), then call this message with data 
129 Adds the specified file to the Winamp bookmark list 
135 Restarts Winamp

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